3 Ways to Approach 2016 with Hope

It was several weeks back, while my husband and I  were on a cruise with several of our friends, the table question at dinner that night was, “What do you expect God to do for your family in 2016?”

It took several seconds before one of the four couples began to share what they are asking God for in 2016. My husband and I listened, intently, but to be honest I couldn’t come up with the words because this past year had been a difficult one for us. We had faced struggles which were emotionally draining and the cruise was a reset for us.

What does 2016 hold for us?

My husband finally chimed in to share what he expects in 2016 and what he said was exactly what I needed to hear. He looked at the table and said how challenging this past year had been for us. Oh yes, we have had “more” difficult years but this one in particular, 2015, had just been a consistent drain on our family.  It felt like one thing after the other had happened.

He shared words like: distracting, weariness, emotional, etc…

Then he said what he expected in 2016. That’s when my strong husband got teary-eyed and said he believed 2016 was going to be a year of breakthrough for our family. He said it with such confidence, even through tears; his hope released a lump in my throat I didn’t know was there. I couldn’t even look up because the tears flowed. I did an insecure laugh as I kept my head down and thought of this past year. It hadn’t been the easiest of years but let’s be real, it hasn’t been easy for a few years.  Yet, something is stirring. My husband’s words watered the seed of hope that was lying on the dry ground of my heart.  

There was an expectation shift.  What’s next for us?  Breakthrough.

My husband continued to say he believed God was not only going to redeem the struggles but God was going push open doors for our family we didn’t even know were there.

I brushed my hand over my husband’s back and could feel the resolve in him…. 2016, our year of breakthrough.

Let me ask you something, have the last few years been difficult? Have you wondered what God was up to?

I want to give you some hope. I don’t know what’s ahead for you but I want you to do these three things in this next year:

1. Be attentive to the voice of the Lord. As you read the Bible, as you pray, as you listen to your pastor or a friend, or as you listen to a worship song or hymn…  Be attentive to what the Lord is speaking to you and hold onto those words. Sometimes, all it takes is one moment and one word from the Lord to bring hope, peace and faith.

2. Believe in the Character of God. Holdfast to the truth the Lord is the Great Redeemer. No matter what you have faced or what you will face the Lord will redeem it because that is Who He is. We may be surprised at how he redeems the struggle but stand ready for his redemption. Expect it because it is His nature to redeem.

3. Find your security in Him.  There are so many things that can rock your security but you must remind yourself He is the Rock that is Higher than you. He stands beside you like a Great Warrior! He is your defender! Believe in His might and power and find your security in Him.

I pray you have hope in the God who breaks through the disappointments, struggles, pain, and heartache to give you love and purpose for your future. Be attentive to the Lord, Believe in Him and Find your security in Him. He never fails you and He has not forsaken you. He is with you and for you!